Who is enya dating

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Yet with album sales in terminal decline thanks to downloading and piracy, and record companies pushing live performances more than ever, could Enya’s first “gig” be just a whisper away with her latest album Dark Sky Island?

As ever, the Celtic queen is keeping her cards close to her chest.“It’s much easier to talk about touring now that stage productions are massive."Today we can have an orchestra but in 1988 it wasn’t really seen as practical, especially for a debut album.

There have been just seven albums since 'Watermark' in 1989, and yet Enya's fan base is getting bigger, growing like some unfathomable geothermal confection of dry ice and Celtic gobbledegook that scientists struggle to explain.

There are people who genuinely believe her records have cured them of cancer (as one fan puts it, hers is 'the chemo music of choice' for many sufferers), helped them to stop smoking, or at the very least relieved the boredom of a traffic jam.

After 9/11, her sales went through the roof, after sombre radio play and wall-to-wall CNN usage. She lives in a castle in Killiney, south of Dublin, bought for £2.5million in 1997 and named Manderley after the house in her favourite book, Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.

Music industry insiders even have a term for her inexorable rise: Enyanomics. She is critic-proof, as are ABBA, Cliff Richard or U2, the difference being that in 20 years, Enya has never played a single note live. For today, I am told, she has rented a nearby castle, but this is subsequently downgraded to a golfing hotel, which used to be merely a smallish castle, if not a bog-standard country estate.

She has never married nor had children, although she has spoken of having had “relationships”.

Her mother Máire was an amateur musician and taught music at the Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair school.

As a musical group, Enya is really three people: Enya herself, who composes and performs the music; Nicky Ryan, who produces the albums; and Roma Ryan, who writes the lyrics in various languages. It's the walk you take in the morning, it's the night before, the meeting with people, landscapes, the chats, all of that evolves in some way into melody, but I'm not sure how it's going to happen.

Enya is a phonetic approximation of how Eithne is pronounced in her native Irish. I'm dealing with the unknown all the time and that is exciting.

The team of researchers were travelling to Orinoco River in Venezuela, where the fish were found, and revealed that on their way they listened to "When the time came for choosing names, it just felt right to name this beautiful fish from the Orinoco after the artist who wrote that beautiful song." The Leporinus Enya measures 20-25cm long, and we're sure Enya is delighted with namesake.

The story of Enya has all the makings of an ancient Irish legend, involving heroes and villains, sorcery, and at its heart a mystery: how does this publicity-shy singer sell millions of records while hardly ever leaving her castle?

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