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Suppose you are working on someone else’s project, because you have inherited someone else’s work. When you run an update and see “1 row processed,” 500 other things may also have happened.Say you have a bit of code or better yet a stored procedure that represents a transaction, and you read it. I get it.” But if you are on a system laden with triggers all over the place, you won’t have gotten it at all—you’ll have gotten it wrong, at best. More than once, I’ve received an e-mail similar to the following (this is a cut-and-paste—I did not make this up): We have a problem when updating a column.A new Hyper SQL catalog contains an empty schema called PUBLIC.Our technologist looks at trigger maintenance and implementation challenges.캐싱을 하면, 이러한 리셋을 막고 데이터재사용을 쉽게 할수 있습니다 캐시된 호출은 누적됩니다.만약 2개의 캐시된 select() 호출과 2개의 캐시되지않은 select() 호출이 있다면, 4개의 select() 를 호출한 결과가 됩니다.캐시를 위한 함수는 3개가 있습니다: 이함수는 캐싱을 시작하기 위하여 반드시 호출되어야 합니다.

그렇게 하면 코어 데이터베이스 라이브러리및 어댑터를 사용할때 리소스를 절약할 수 있습니다..This has been beneficial for us because in our environment because our business users provide data to us in the form of Excel spreadsheets.Many of the situations end up translating to INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE code in one or more of our SQL Server databases.The views contain lists of all the database objects that exist within the catalog, plus all authorizations. A name is an identifier and is unique within its name-space. Each database has also an internal "unique" name which is automatically generated when the database is created. By definition, each schema object belongs to a specific schema.Schema objects can be divided into groups according to their characteristics.

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