Ruger 10 22 rifle serial number dating

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I have two---an older "pre-warning" 10-22 Deluxe model that is pretty much standard (trigger job, extended mag release) in pretty nice condition and a newer "stainless" one from the early 90s that has the full-on Volquartsen kit Leupold 6.5-20X scope. You couldn't give me a new Ruger too many quality horror stories and painted receivers - the bean counters have RUINED Ruger! I got my first one new at 16 years old and sold it like a dork several years later.

I had an original walnut stock carbine, but was stolen when I was very young before we all bought safes... I bought this one from a workmate around 1985 for 25 bucks and now have a bazillion rounds through it.

This, when combined with the simple construction of the rest of the components, means that the average person can easily replace any part in the gun with nothing more than a screwdriver, a hex key and simple punches.

The 10/22 is available in a wide variety of configurations.

I came across this Ruger 10/22 serial number history chart that was posted by calgunner Rosebud22 (thank you) so I checked my old carbine and found that it was from 1967, the third year of production. I've had the parts for quite a few years to turn it into a free float barrel heavy barrel conversion, but I can't seem to make myself alter my 10-22, since it's an original walnut stocked version.

I am the original owner, in fact it was a wedding present that I still have-but not that wife. I've been looking for a low priced/abused 10-22 that I can get the mechanicals (bolt, receiver, and trigger group) from, so I don't have to butcher my original 10-22, but the used ones I've come across are often priced at close to what a brand new one sells for. it's always great to have an older 10/22 in original configuration. Thanks MY QUESTION TO THE COLLECTOR from Jan 2007: I found a Ruger 10/22 International.

Plus, I've seen a little peening in spots that has me wondering if Ruger had anodized the receiver before applying the finish.

Doesn't compare well to the anodized receiver that I had on my teenage years 10/22. Didn't have a trigger gauge, but I'd say it was pushing 8-10 lbs.

I had paint flakes popping off in the action after about 400-500 rounds, using only CLP for cleaning.It is very popular for small-game hunters and those who want an inexpensive rifle firing inexpensive ammunition for target and plinking use.This popularity has led to many after-market modifications being available to improve performance, augment the rifle's looks, or increase its magazine capacity, leading the 10/22 to be one of the most customizable firearms made.Department of the Treasury – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Report on Investigation (Criminal Enforcement) To: Special Agent in Charge San Francisco, California Date: 12/12/78 On November 24, 1978, this Agent was assigned by the SAC, San Francisco, to participate in a Customs, FBI, ATF Task Force to investigate any possible inquiries as to People’s Temple. Customs, was contacted and advised this agent that they have been investigating the People’s Temple for approximately two years for various Customs violations.ATF’s role is to support the above Task Force by tracing the 176 firearms found in Jonestown and attempt to find the source of the firearms. He then informed this Agent that Customs had received information that on at least one occasion the People’s Temple had requested that the members give unregistered firearms to the church.

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