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Here’s the trailer: You can buy the game now in the App Store (.99).

Plot-wise, this latest title features a variety of smaller mysteries integrated into an encompassing story.It's not often mobile gets first dibs on a major release like this.Second, the pricing scheme of is far from the norm for mobile.Layton's puzzles test your ability to think laterally. I've never played a videogame before that mostly consisted of me staring at my DS for minutes or hours on end, just thinking. Hiding the answers behind gameplay is so smart, because unlike a book of logic puzzles you can't just flip to the back. The animated sequences are beautiful, but the voice work is inconsistent. But Luke, instead of sounding like an inquisitive British schoolboy, sounds like the feral illegitimate child of Eliza Doolittle and a fire alarm.Many of them are trick questions, designed to get you stuck on a particular (incorrect) way of thinking. This, and other minor quibbles, keep it from perfection.

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