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Although the primary focus of the Act is to shield children from adult content on the Internet, Section 230 of the Act states that any "interactive computer service" is not a publisher of the content that third parties post, and thus is immune from lawsuits or prosecution based on the material its users post.

The immunity provided by the Communications Decency Act is very broad, and although it does not cover criminal activity, it does cover prostitution ads on Craigslist.

Now the website has gone a step further to block the adult services ads as well. Craigslist has been pressured by state attorneys general and nonprofit groups who say the ads promoted the sexual exploitation of women and children.

The Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects Craigslist from liability for the ads.

People used to look in the back of newspapers for all kinds of things, but now the internet has taken over.

But after a while, the "girl" revealed that she was only 13. Under those circumstances, deciding to continue the relationship certainly reveals a lapse in judgement from our grown perp.

After that, Kirschner continued the correspondance and eventually agreed to come to the county jail, where cops said she would be for her mom's boyfriend's court appearance. We don't know much about Kirschner, but we do know he was looking online (on what sounds like Craigslist, but the police are merely calling "a popular website) for a girlfriend. A female responds to his ad and seems friendly and eager (and probably quite mature, since she is actually a team of cops). But it doesn't necessarily reveal him as predatory or pedophilic.

I'm serious about the entrapment question; the second one, I guess, is rhetorical.

It makes sense when your job, budget, and prestige depend on making more arrests.

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