Eikura nana dating

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The teasers have been released, and it’s clear that whomever styled Yamapi is going ALL OUT in making him looking as much as young Kimu Taku as possible, with the same liony mane.Though in the case of Yamapi, it’s like Simba versus Mufasa, no comparison.But i decided to have faith in the drama for once — that at least one of the three girls would make the right decision and end up with a worthy guy — largely because it put me in an utter bliss.Who would have thought would be cruel to snatch that long-awaited contentment away after only one and a half episodes?I quite agree with the 2 ppl who mentioned Kame & Maki previously...

Japanese drama hard to find chemistry not alot of kissing...

Although the protags’ age difference might have lended itself to a more off-color depiction, pink-film veteran Ryuichi Hiroki avoids lurid May-September cliches: Steeped in the tranquil beauty of the Japanese countryside, and unabashedly nostalgic for traditional ways of courtship, the film is wholesome and mellow, but may leave viewers yearning for a more sensual touch.

Still, it’s a beguiling, seamlessly executed package that should find decent exposure in Asian markets and audience-friendly festivals.

But I like this couple alot they very cute together. of Smile Jun Matsumoto && Erika Toda - dunno why also. Gouki Maeda && Elena Mizusawa - wahaha.i think they're cute. oguri shun & inoue mao oguri shun & horikita maki kamenashi kazuya & haruka ayase kamenashi kazuya & kuroki meisa tanaka koki & kuriyama chiaki matujun & inoue mao takuya kimura & matsu takako (but they're a old generation couple) there's still more...i luv these couples, i think they all have gr8 chem!

#2 i love Yamashita Tomohisa and Aragaki Yui not too much chemistry but their acting really good in this drama hope to see more of them.. of Koizora Miura Haruma && Elena Mizusawa - i think this 2 koizora stars are cute tandem Miura Haruma && Erika Toda - dunno why?! XD i think the japaneese perfect couple is miura haruma and me hehe.. =D LOL at the L and Raito comments, I completely agree with that. But other than that, my suggestions for the best Japanese couple have already been said I think Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao Really, they were just SO adorable in the HYD series, they're chemistry seems to go along very well. ♥Yamashita Tomohisa and Horikita Maki Yamaki makes my day, they're so adorable together.

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