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Depending on your action sequence, you may not get the updated package list before the packages section. Or, this is a wiki, if you have a better solution by all means press the edit button :) Also, since CFEngine was not build with opkg in mind, comparing versions and such don't work.In fact, it can't really even know if something is installed or not, so it just opkg installs everything on your list.The CFEngine patch by Christoph König is not yet integrated into Openwrt Upstream as of this writing.This means compiling it yourself for the platform you need using the Openwrt SDK.Remote file serving and requests are handled by the program cfservd and the client polling is done by a program called cfagent – both of which I’ll describe in more detail below.Although you could theoretically run a client and policy server on the same machine, this isn’t very interesting in a real data center environment.

We will refer back to this array later in the policy, and we will add more elements to it throughout the chapter, to hold the filenames of the different files to edit.After a system is installed, a number of routine tasks needs to be performed before declaring it ready for use.These include installation of base software packages, network configuration, file system configuration, user creation, authentication configuration, and configuration of system components.In order to reach a state of convergence, the second run is almost certain to wrap-up any final problems and deliver a correctly configured server.The default port used by client and server Cfengine agents is 5308.

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