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Their move will have caused many to modify their accents, and their numerical presence (as well as their economic standing) may even have influenced the original residents to accommodate (p.298) in their direction.Estuary English may therefore be the result of a confluence of two social trends: an up-market movement of originally Cockney speakers, and a down-market trend towards 'ordinary' (as opposed to 'posh') speech by the middle class.Dolphins, seals and many other forms of wildlife and birdlife abound in their respective seasons.Entry can be difficult in easterlies or south-easterlies, and the tide runs strongly at springs, particularly where the channel is confined such as at the bridges.A passage plan taking into account tides and times of expected arrivals need to be worked up carefully.The Tay has a most attractive estuary, navigable with care all the way up to Perth. It is something of a misnomer, for the influence of London speech has for sometime been evident well beyond the Thames estuary, notably in the Oxford-Cambridge-London triangle (p.50) and in the area to the south and east of London as far as the coast.

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For minor vessels the lock to Camperdown Dock can be opened on request from 2 hours before high water to high water.It is enough to have Professor Higgins spinning in his grave.A shortage of actors who can speak "posh English" is destroying the quality of British drama, according to some of the country's best-known actors.The next thing that needs to be appreciated is that the surrounding coasts are all low lying, and decent landmarks are very hard to spot. This brings us to the next problem, where the channels tend to run parallel to one another, in the flat featureless seascape it is all to easy to mistake one buoy for another and run yourself up a sandbank.These sandbanks (take it from someone who knows) are about as far from soft accommodating mud as you can imagine.

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